Thursday, August 28, 2014

"A Fine Day at the Beach" (the larger version)

24" x 36"
Oil on archival Canvas

Here is the larger, slightly changed version of "A Fine Day at the Beach" that I posted on June 27.  This was a commission for Carpenter Claydon Advisors and my friend Debbie Claydon.  It is now framed and hanging in her new office.  The scene is from her visits to Palm Island located on the South West coast of Florida.  The photos she shared made me really want to go there and that's saying a lot because I'm not a beach person.  And,  it has inspired me to paint more beach scenes, Florida scenes and some boat scenes.  Stay tuned to see what I come up with!

What I'm Listening to in the Studio:  Eric Clapton, Tribute to J.J. Cale
What I'm Reading:  "The Woman Upstairs"  by Claire Messud
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Friday, July 4, 2014

"Testing the Water"

5"x7" oil on archival canvas panel

A precious granddaughter of a special friend that I've know so long that we were about that size when we first met!  A special friend indeed.  I painted this as a birthday gift to her from me :-).  I hope she likes it as much as I liked painting it.  She will have it by the time this post comes out.  I don't do people often so it's always a challenge - especially the skin tones.  Love that dress!  Wish I had one :-)

What I'm listening to in the studio:  podcast: Artist Helping Artist "A Conversation with Larry Moore"
What I'm reading:  "Art at the Speed of Life"  Pam Carriker


Friday, June 27, 2014

"A Fine Day at the Beach"

6" x 8" oil on archival canvas panel
Includes display easel

This is a small version of a large commission I am painting to go in an office.  The larger on will measure 24" x 36".  It's been a while since I've painted one this large.  I will have to say I'm enjoying using the larger brushes and being able to use my entire arm for sweeping strokes.  This is a scene from Palm Island in the Florida Keys.  I was provided with a photo and will have to say it looks absolutely gorgeous there.  Perhaps some day I will go to see for myself!  But for now - back to that BIG painting!  LOL

What I'm listening to in the studio:  "Long Wave"  Jeff Lynne
What I'm reading:  "Marcel Duchamp, The Afternoon Interviews"  Calvin Tomkins

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

"A Day for Hot Chocolate"

6" x 8" oil on archival canvas panel

Another commission from my dear friend and great patron of the arts, Linda.  Her lovely cabin in North Carolina which she will surely miss as it was under contract to be sold.  I know she has special memories there and I hope this little painting will bring them back when ever she looks at it.  Thank you Linda for being such a great supporter of my art!

What I'm listening to in the studio:  "Any Given Thursday"  John Mayer
What I'm reading:  "Bad Boy"  Eric Fischl

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Santa Cruz Show "All Mixed Up"

 "Which Way Now"
20" x 20" mixed media on wood
Available @ Santa Cruz Art League 7/11-8/10
"When Dreams and Reality Collide Does the Canary Still Sing"
 20" x 20" mixed media on wood
available @ Santa Cruz Art League 7/11-8/10

I'm very pleased to announce that the two paintings above have been accepted into the "All Mixed Up", mixed media show at the Santa Cruz Art League in Santa Cruz, California.  The show runs July 11 through Aug. 10 with a reception on July 19.  Be sure to stop by if you live close or are visiting during that time.  It looks like it will be a great show!  Thank you California for liking my work!


Friday, June 6, 2014

"BRD aka Ratty"


Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  Well, painting of course.  Working on several commissions.  This is one of them and I'm happy to say the family loved it maybe as much as they loved their cute, funny little dog.  That always makes me happy :-).

A few more commission paintings will follow.  One of them is a small version of a large commission.  The smaller version will be available for purchase.  Stay tuned!

What I'm listening to in the studio:  "Miles of Aisles" Joni Mitchell
What I'm reading:  "Flight Behavior"  Barbara Kingsolver

©2014 RobinJohnsonFineArt

Friday, February 28, 2014

"Puff Balls"

6"x6" oil on archival canvas panel

Inspiration from a hidden garden in "The Village" in New York City.  I have it hung with another painting, "Memories of Summer" shown below.  I think they look good together because the flowers in both have the same shape even though one is domestic and in the north east and the other is a wild flower in the west.  Still they put off the same vibe through the repeated shapes and a similar color palette.  It also helps that they in matching frames.
6'x6' oil on archival canvas panel
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